Start of the program: 11.05.2020

Level up your poledance, Elevate your soul!

Do you really want to perform boring elements one by one without knowing what for?

Maybe it’s time to turn on and move from elements to real action?

You will receive:

– lifetime access to materials
– active coaching for whole fb group
+ free access to additional live classes for time of course duration

With me you will succeed!

Online Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Name of course: Beginner course – Step by Step I

 In a course:  14 main elements & 2 combos & one choreography

 Result: gaining flow in moving, getting comfy in exotic, getting to know 1st golden rule of Exotic: Heels of the floor!!!

 Start dancing now, pole dance is too interesting not to!

Price of the course

Basic:  50 EUR

Pro: 90 EUR

VIP:  150 EUR


This course is for you if you:

want to dance

You want to learn pole dance not solely by learning pole elements but also by learning combinations and choreos. You want to be creative and step out of a ussual way of moving.

want to be Strong & flexible

You want to look great and feel awesome in your body. You want to increase your active and passive strech and become more powerful (inside and outside).


want more out of pole dance

You know that element is more than just one motion, you are eager to know how to decorate the moves and how to make your body speak the language of dance.


What will you get after finishing this course you will gain:


You will gain strenght during this course. Arms – core – ankles – legs.


You will get exercises for active and passive stretch.


Gaining exotic pole dance lexicon will give you the freedom of motion.


body control

By building our core you will learn how to micro control your body.


You will feel better not only in your own body but also you will be more connected with your inner self.  



You will learn basic arsenal of moves and of course also how to connect them.You will gain technique of how to reach the flow in any elements.



My name is Aleksandra Volkova, as a performer I use stagename Lessandra Volk and my friends call me Sasha or Alex 🙂

I am an enthusiastic pole dancer who continually researches her love for this sport and dance! And You know what!? My passion for it grows each day!

I am a former rhythmic gymnast who left this sport because of the damage of the vertebra, and I am someone who hates the side splits to the moon and back. Well, now I love it, because I also teach flexibility where I choose different methods of work from those, that trainers learned us in professional sport! I also danced a ballet for 6 years and went on to with exploring other dance styles like tango, salsa, bachata and swing. I also explored movements in beautiful Brazilian martial art capoeira and went to hip hop and vogue classes.

So I am definitely a person who needs motion almost the same way as I need air!

For most important part of my personal growth I have to say thanks to  5 years of psychotherapy and yoga. I realized how much do I miss gymnastics and much sadness is still in me because I am not the one of those on the Olympic carpet. But you know what!?

The love for this sport and music (yes I am also former professional violinist – how typically Russian) led me to pole dancing route in 2015. And I have to say, it was a magical moment when I realized, that everything I am missing from gymnastics and from being a musician I could do with Pole DANCE as a DANCE! It was a moment when a started to revealing myself as a dancer and not a sport person anymore, my body became my instrument, and yes I am performer I am competing and I am winning <3 

And being able to share it with you all makes me feel alive!

So my main passion is Exotic pole dance, Strip plastic – mainly Frame-up style, and Vogue.  Why?  Because they are full of elegance, connection, sensuality, and above all the expression of your inner world, theatricality and the idea that pole dance is not only a heavy element, but a special language, just like any dance and art!

I am also owner of eLeVation Pole dance school and finalist of almost all important exotic pole dance competitions.

What will we learn?

This element is derived from the most basic element in poledance, step around. It is nice transitional element from standing flow to floor-work.

Of course for flow you will receive additional combos to practice this pretty shape!

This element is the basic for every floor rotation around the pole. 

So check how to dominate the floor by making rotations on your bum.

This is very beautiful wavy element. If done correctly, you can do up to 360 degree around the pole.

So one more element for floor domination.

Caterpillar move is floor-work move and it is amazing for improvement of your strength and spine flexibility. 

PS: This is actually harder than it seems.

Spider spin is actually a fireman spin from the floor. To make it awesomely I will show you where should momentum come from. 

This body-wave is special. We will learn how to connect front and side body waves and how to help this motion with shoulders.

Chair spin is one of those sport elements that we can decorate in exotic manner and spice it up so that it looks as real dancing element. 

This element may be used as separate especially when you need to go to a floor rapidly. And it looks gorgeous when we connect it with the chair spin.

Warm up is of course essential for any kind of practice. This one was developed especially for exotic and it is based on kinesiotherapy and gymnastics. 

In exotic we have 3 goden roules. One of them sounds like this: 99% of exotic is danced on your hands. So that means the stronger your are the more awesome is your flow and fluidity.

All of you who will select Pro or Vip educational programe, will be able to have 2 skype sessions in lenght of 60 minutes to receive individualized advices for further work. 

This element is beautiful floor-work element and it is nice base for moving it to the air.

It is also element that will increase your leg strength and flexibility for side splits.

Floor roll is not just turning around your body on the floor. Whole your body works and in order to do it with grace and elegance you need to feel how to do it wavy manner.

Legwork in exotic has very important place. And this element is just perfect for starting feeling strength and control of your legs.

With this element you will start to explore all the awesome movement can you do with your amazing legs.

This element is basically a walk on the floor. But be aware, it is not so easy as just walking.


This move is awesome when you need to lift your body up and turn around a the same time.

Of course we could just make a lounge lift, but we do not want to be simple right? So lets make a twist to that move.

The combo that unites first part of elements we have learned.

Combination that we will dance will unite all the moves we have learned in second part.

If you want to move as a pro you need to work on your flexibility. This will be awesome routine that will help you build active and passive flexibility.

Depending on what you post, I will be able to see what mistakes are you doing. I will make at least 4 QA videos with commomon mistakes you are doing and ways how to correct them 🙂

If you are serious in what you do and want more out of your practice you can select VIP program. In that case you will also receive individualized program for further work depending on your current state of knowledge and body state/awareness, 

How will it look like?

After payment:

1.) You will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your data to register

2.) You will have to selecton which platform would you like to follow the course IG private page or FB private group and make a request to join.

3.) After we review payment data and your registration, we will approve your membership on our FB/IG

4.) Every second day you will receive lectures of elements we learn & and every second day you will receive additional tasks to combain those in combo or improve the flow. In a comment you will be posting your moves (In case of IG you will post it in your profile) and I will review your moves. Based on review I will make additional QA video.

5.) At the end of a course you will receive Certificate signed by me @Lessadra Volk

6.) And the most progressive student will receive also a prize from me:

1 prize: Next basic program for free

2 prize: 50% discount on next online course

3 prize: 20 % discount on next online course

It is time for action! Start dancing now! Select your Your perfect plan:


– 16 videos with elements we learn

– 2 combos for learning elements

– 1 full choreography

– General warm-up video

– Flexibility routine

– Strength exercises video

– QA videos

– 30 day coach support via FB

– Certificate of completed Course

Basic: 50 EUR


This programme is meant for someone who wants to learn at any time one on one instead  in group.

It also allows you to do the programme in your own tempo, faster or slower.

– 16 videos with elements we learn

– 2 combos for learning elements

– 1 full choreography

– General warm-up video

– Flexibility routine

– Strength exercises video

– QA videos 

– 30 day coach support via FB 1:1

– Certificate of completed Course

– individual counselling for the duration of course up to 3 months

Pro: 90 EUR


If you also need a Skype counselling, this program is what you need.

For whole duration of a course I am totally yours and we work one on one in group on fb created solely for you with weekly Skype sessions.

– at least 4 skype sessions up to 30 minutes

– 16 videos with elements we learn

– 2 combos for learning elements

– 1 full choreography

– General warm-up video

– Flexibility routine

– Strength exercises video

– QA videos

– 30 day coach support via FB 1:1

– Certificate of completed Course

VIP:  150 EUR

Still having doubts? Contact me: