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 START of program: 2nd of September

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Online Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Name of course: LEGS DECOR & LOW FLOW

 In a course: 20 main elements

 Result: gaining flow in moving, improving legs strength, improving active stretch of legs, upgrade of 1st golden rule of Exotic pole dance – Pointed toes all the time, learning to dominate the floor….

 Start dancing now, pole dance is too interesting not to!

Price of the course

Basic: 40 EUR

Pro: 96 EUR 

VIP:  160 EUR 


What will we learn?

This movement is a base for any kind of back-forward movement of a leg. It can be done in various combinations and from various starting and ending points. 

We will learn how to control our muscles fully to start and end exactly at desired point.

To be able to do full knee circle it is obligatory to understand hip rotation move.

We will check different exercizes to develop our active mobility of a hip.

There are so many variations of that move. We will go through techniques that will teach us how to make knee circle that will look full and elegant. 

Oh we all love to see some flow and elegance while just moving our leg from one to other possition. We will learn how to do it with circles.

With this element we will learn how to dominate the floor. 

Yep you read correctly, sometimes we will do side switch by turning legs in full circle under your hips.

Have you eve thought how to walk while still sitting on the floor! We will check it out!

Shoulder stands are always fun to do, of course if you know the right technique how o hide your shoulder bones and how to find a balance in it 😀

Oh compass with our whole body. When north is always somewhere else 🙂 that will be a fun move 😀

This is one of those transitional elements that may be piece of cake or elegant masterpiece. You will learn how to do it as a separate move and how to use it as a transitional move.

Warm up is of course essential for any kind of practice. This one was developed especially for exotic and it is based on kinesiotherapy and gymnastics. 

In exotic we have 3 goden roules. One of them sounds like this: 99% of exotic is danced on your hands. So that means the stronger your are the more awesome is your flow and fluidity.

All of you who will select Pro or Vip educational programe, will be able to have 2 skype sessions in lenght of 60 minutes to receive individualized advices for further work. 

Many transitions in exotic are done by doing somersaults. We will check correct technique in doing front ones and check how we can go out from it.

Many transitions in exotic are done by doing somersaults. We will check correct technique in doing back ones and check how we can go out from it.

This sounds like a nonsense! I know! BUT, our booty is the most rounded part of our body and thus we are just oliged to use it fully when it comesto dominating the floor! Who says booty is good on for Sunday Boomday! 😀

This is actually hard move. It is hard from position of active flexibility and it is strenght and balance element. So how to gain all three? Start learn with me and you will slowly get there.

This element is nice floorwork element especially if you need to get out out of a pose when you are turned with your back to the audience, if we add also leg decor it looks absolutelly gorgeous.

All kind of pirueetes are awesome. This one is performed on bended knees but still on platform.

This element is absolutelly awesome. The higher you jump the more awesome does it look

Elbow stand can be so different – you can be turned aside, towards or out of the pole. For choreography we will use the on where we will turn aside.

Parachute transition around the pole is probably one of the hardest elements of this course. Don’t worry however this is advance element I will provide for you easiear substitutes.

During our learning we will do a lot of different transitions to knee from the platform and back. This is the theme of the first course, but we will still repeat all the important techiniques about that transition.

If you want to move as a pro you need to work on your flexibility. This will be awesome routine that will help you build active and passive flexibility.

Depending on what you post, I will be able to see what mistakes are you doing. I will make at least 4 QA videos with commomon mistakes you are doing and ways how to correct them 🙂

If you are serious in what you do and want more out of your practice you can select VIP program. In that case you will also receive individualized program for further work depending on your current state of knowledge and body state/awareness, 

How will it look like?

After payment:

1.) You will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your data to register

2.) You will have to selecton which platform would you like to follow the course IG private page or FB private group and make a request to join.

3.) After we review payment data and your registration, we will approve your membership on our FB/IG

4.) Every second day you will receive lectures of elements we learn & and every second day you will receive additional tasks to combain those in combo or improve the flow. In a comment you will be posting your moves (In case of IG you will post it in your profile) and I will review your moves. Based on review I will make additional QA video.

5.) At the end of a course you will receive Certificate signed by me @Lessadra Volk

6.) And the most progressive student will receive also a prize from me:

1 prize: Next basic programme for free

2 prize: 50% discount on next online course

3 prize: 20 % discount on next online course

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