Why Exotic Pole Dance, Strip plastica, Sportic pole?

Because pole DANCE is not just a sport,

is the art of expressing our inner experience through the instrument of the body.

What will I gain with new knowledge ?

DANCE lexicon,

softer movement, richer connections, fast progression, freedom in self-expression, …

Movement is infinite



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My awesome performance at Exotic generation Poland 2018

Pole dancing can be more than just an element, it is an art and DANCE! 

My name is Aleksandra Volkova, as a performer I use stagename Lessandra Volk and my friends call me Sasha or Alex 🙂

I am an enthusiastic pole dancer who continually researches her love for this sport and dance! And You know what!? My passion for it grows each day!

I am a former rhythmic gymnast who left this sport because of the damage of the vertebra, and I am someone who hates the side splits to the moon and back. Well, now I love it, because I also teach flexibility where I choose different methods of work from those, that trainers learned us in professional sport! I also danced a ballet for 6 years and went on to with exploring other dance styles like tango, salsa, bachata and swing. I also explored movements in beautiful Brazilian martial art capoeira and went to hip hop and vogue classes.

So I am definitely a person who needs motion almost the same way as I need air!

For most important part of my personal growth I have to say thanks to  5 years of psychotherapy and yoga. I realized how much do I miss gymnastics and much sadness is still in me because I am not the one of those on the Olympic carpet. But you know what!?

The love for this sport and music (yes I am also former professional violinist – how typically Russian) led me to pole dancing route in 2015. And I have to say, it was a magical moment when I realized, that everything I am missing from gymnastics and from being a musician I could do with Pole DANCE as a DANCE! It was a moment when a started to revealing myself as a dancer and not a sport person anymore, my body became my instrument, and yes I am performer I am competing and I am winning <3 

And being able to share it with you all makes me feel alive!

So my main passion is Exotic pole dance, Strip plastic – mainly Frame-up style, and Vogue.  Why?  Because they are full of elegance, connection, sensuality, and above all the expression of your inner world, theatricality and the idea that pole dance is not only a heavy element, but a special language, just like any dance and art!

I am also owner of ELeVation Pole dance school and finalist of almost all important exotic pole dance competitions.